We offer our clients the following services:
  • CNC Milling HSC - 5 axis
  • CNC turning,
  • CNC milling,
  • CNC drilling,
  • CNC eroding,
  • CNC grinding,
Every manufacturing operation is processed with either conventional or progressive CNC technology.
We process the subsequent material:
  • diverse steel grades: carbon steel,
  • colorized metals,
  • artificially constructed material.
We produce mainly:
  • engine parts for application in the automobile industry
  • tool elements,
  • parts used for hydraulic and pneumatic systems
In addition, we manufacture small to middle sized amounts of tools that indicate special treatment in the production process and often hold the following criteria:
  • a high level of difficulty in the production process
  • a high degree of accuracy in the production process
  • additional arrangements with heat coating
  • specific requirements with the outer coating