The maximum of quality is the high demand of the company EUGEN MELLER. Consequently, our machinery is continuously updated to the newest technological standards. At present, we possess a wide range of diverse machines; freely programmable as well as manually controllable machines. In addition, our company possesses advanced electronic apparatuses for monitoring the set parameter.


Our machinery is composed of namely world market leaders, as for instance:
  • Milling center CNC-HSC - 5 axis                      - HERMLE B 300
  • Shape grinder CNC - Blohm
  • Wire cut EDM CNC - CHRL, AGIE,
  • Milling center CNC KNUTH GmbH,
  • Die Sinking EDM CREATOR-2 - HOFER,
  • Coordinate System Drilling Machine - HECKERT, FRITZ,
  • Coordinate System Grineing Machine - DECKEL,
  • Measuring Maschine CMM - TESA MicroHite 3D
  • Polishing Machine - EXTRUDE HONE.



Furthermore, our company has the beneath machinery at our disposal; alongside shipment with the agreed time, it guarantees the highest level of quality:
  • the projectors,
  • measuring microscopes and stroboscopic,
  • hardness testing machine,
  • the measures of the measurement of the roughness of the surface
  • micrometers, depth gauge, plates and measuring rolls
  • and the row of different devices and tools
Our monitoring apparatuses guarantee a high level of quality within each single production process.