This document defines the framework terms of partnership between „Eugen Meller” Spółka z o.o. and contractor hereinafter referred to as the Ordering Parties, with that are not signed separate written contract.

  1. Orders are  accepted on the written  form send by electronic way, post  and/or fax,
  2. For regular customers admits to put in orders by telephone way, confirmed next in writing.
  3. Order has become received to the realization in moment his confirmation in written form - registered letter, or by fax or e - mail.
  4. Customer shall be entitled to regard order received in totality (requirements quality, technical, price and the date of realization etc.) if in during 48 hours will not receive the refusal of order from person to which directed.
  5. The date of realized order is calculated to workday, calculated from the date of confirmation ordering and/or definite the date establish the day of send the order goods.
  6. Shipping sent at tradesman cost. Goods can be send by post or courier services.
  7. Order, regard has been realized with moment delivery insured goods to shipping company. At that moment, all the weights and advantages connected with goods and also risk of accidental damage or losses get on Ordering Party.
  8. Receiving goods from shipping company Ordering Party is obliged to checking the shipment, and in case some damage draw up at a letter of complaint about transport service in courier’s hearing.
  9. In case of delayed in receipt goods or not receipt goods from shipping company, shall be entitled to charge with a contractually penalty of 0,1% of the price agreed for this ordering, per each day of delay from date of realization order by „Eugen Meller” Spółka z o.o.
  10. Ordering Party put in order first time, is obliged to deliver actually copy: the registration to the evidence of economic activity or copy from KRS; NIP; REGON.
  11. In case of postponing payment date, company Eugen Meller” Spółka z o.o, shall be entitled to the counting interests for delay also burden paymaster by letter of demand costs 50,00PLN for each default summons. Contractually interest for delay amount fourfold value scale of year credit of  Lombard National Bank in Poland”.
  12. „Eugen Meller” Spółka z o.o. reserve the entitled to use the goods in catalogue also  as samples of articles on exposure as well on the website
  13. Samples of products for test, we send free at Ordering Party cost.
  14. Time of the tradesman's reaction connected with complaint of products it amount 3 workdays calculated from date the receipt of notification. Final complaint investigation follows the latest in draught 3 workdays from date receipt questioned product.
  15. The tradesman is to blame for costs connected with return of faulty product.
  16. Complaints will not be considered if they are relate goods that next will be processing and exploitation, or when damages formed in result incorrect using or incompatibly with destination or in result natural aging.
  17. „Eugen Meller” Spółka z o.o., does not be to blame for products older than 1 year calculating from date of purchase of goods and / or appointed on the product.
  18. „Eugen Meller” Spółka z o.o., does not be to blame for any defects of goods if there will be disposal for third persons and it does not be to blame for complaint pressing charges by these persons.
  19. The possible disputes formed during the realization of orders will be solved in arbitrational agreed way.
  20. In case not come to an agreement the dispute will become the decision by home Court for „ Eugen Meller” Spółka z o.o.
  21. Issues that are not regulated by these General Terms of Partnership shall be subject to respective provisions of the Civil Code.
  22. Puting the order in " Eugen Meller” Spółka z o.o. Ordering Party accepts above mentioned General Terms of Partnership and agrees on realization the orders on their basis.

The General Terms of Partnership issued by „Eugen Meller” Spółka z o.o.     have been in force since 1st March 2010 to the next time change.

Kind regards,

Executive director, company EUGEN MELLER.